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I‘m confused,I really hope you guys can provide some helps for me.It is hard to understand the usage of "all of ... ,all ... , all of the...".For "most" and "almost". It is same.What is the difference between the phrases?How can I use them?and how can I distinguish?

Thanks for your help.
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    Welcome to the forums.
    Please read our forum guidelines which explain how to open a thread.
    You have opened your thread in the forum for translations from Spanish to English and vice versa , but you do not appear to be asking for a translation and since you do not provide your native language (which is obligatory), it's difficult to know what your problem is.
    Also, each thread must include one specific question about a word or short phrase in the context of a complete sentence. We cannot help with questions which do not offer a specific example since the meaning and translation of words depends on how they are to be used.
    This thread is being closed but you are welcome to try again with a specific question once you have read our rules (and amended your profile to show your native language).
    Thank you.
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