about as deep as anyone goes


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The quotation comes from Letter From the Everglades; On a Silent Landscape, an Environmental War Endures

Quotation: The wind rustles the tall grasses in this landscape obstructed only by occasional tree islands, held sacred by the Miccosukee Indians, who still inhabit parts of the Everglades. The only other sounds are the soft splashes of fish jumping, the calls of wading birds and the beating of their wings, and the chirring of insects.

Take off your shoes and climb into the shallow muck for a moment -- some guides will stop to let you, well before the marshmallows come out -- and it feels oozy and primeval and mysterious between your toes.

This is about as deep as anyone goes into the Everglades, one of the world's most unusual ecosystems and the battlefield in one of history's costliest and most protracted environmental wars.
Hi everyone! What does the bold part mean?
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    I think it means deep in terms of distance rather than depth of water.

    As Paul say, it means: This is approximately as far as anyone goes into the Everglades


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    The Everglades is a vast swamp near the southern tip of the state of Florida that abounds with insects, snakes and alligators. There are few roads, but guides regularly ply the waterways with "air boats." It's a popular tourist destination. (My wife and I were there last December)

    Where swamps are concerned, we use the modifier "deep" to mean going far into the swamp.