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Discussion in 'Português (Portuguese)' started by jasmim, Jun 18, 2013.

  1. jasmim Senior Member

    I'm translating a copyright page of a Saramago novel for the editor, and I've encountered a lot of confusion....

    1 Capa e orientacao grafica: Seccao Grafica da Editorial Caminho

    I know that Editorial Caminho is a famous and prestigious Portuguese publisher, but what does' capa e orientacao grafica' mean, and 'seccao grafica'?

    2 Jose Saramago e Editorial Caminho, SA, Lisboa--2002

    I think this line declares that the copyright of this novel belongs to Jose Saramago and Editorial Caminho, but what does 'Editorial Caminho, SA, Lisboa--2002' mean? I've also seen ' Editorial, SARL, Lisboa' somewhere else...

    3 deposito legal n. 184 869/02

    This line totally confuses me. Is this some Portuguese book number, like the ISBN?

    If anyone can help, thanks very much in advance!!!
  2. mglenadel

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    1) "Capa e orientação gráfica": "Capa" means "cover design"; "orientação gráfica" means "layout", as in deciding what typeface to use, the margins etc.

    2) The names are "José Saramago" and "Editorial Caminho SA" (SA means "Sociedade Anônima", that the company has its shares traded in a stock exchange, and is usual in company names). "Lisboa" is the city in which the publisher is headquartered (which is also common in publishers' names, adding the city). "2002" is the date in which the copyright statement was made.

    3) "Deposito Legal" refers to a Portuguese law that requires at least one copy of any book published in Portugal to be delivered to the National Library. The number identifies the book within the deposito legal listing (all titles must be registered, so they can be tracked).
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    As a complement to mglenadel post:
    'Secção gráfica' is the publisher's design department
    'SARL' (short for Sociedade Anónima de Responsabilidade Limitada') was the previous designation of a legal type of corporation, nowadays just 'SA' ('Sociedade Anónima')

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