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I have a doubt about cover letter introduction, I mean when we address to the human resource responsible.

In different cases, explicitly, they said to apply forwarding the cover letter and cv to:
Human resources
name of the company

but! There wasn't reference to a specific person.

I was wondering what's better do in this case.

to say: "Dear Sir/Madame "
Dear "name of the company"
Dear " generic reference name" ( dear architects, ... Dear engineers,...)

I'm aware it looks a straing question.
but I believe isn't very polite start a cover letter using generic introduction manners!

Dear Sir/Madame, looks very disinterest such us I didn't take information about the company or the person related with the job.

but many companies have not specific name reference.
what are your suggestion about?

I would be very glad to know your opinion.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you!
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    Hello Amnesialocal,

    you should always try to find out the name of the hiring manager for the position you are about to apply for (via phone, company website etc.). If you can`t do that, just start your cover letter with "To Whom It May Concern" or "Dear Hiring Manager" but it looks unprofessional.

    Don`t forget to enclose your CV (note the capitals). ;)

    See also:
    resumé versus CV [curriculum vitae]


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    Thank you very much!
    both I believe are a great option.
    do you think that if I call the office could I have the name? I'll try it:)

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    "Dear Sir/Madame":cross: "Dear Sir/Madam ":tick:
    Hi PaulQ,
    Previously I thought that Madame/Madam is just a British/American difference. It turns out that Brits use Madam as well.
    Q1. Do you ever use 'Madame'? When it comes to a French person(we do not know the gender), is it okay to address 'Dear Madame/Sir'?
    Q2. Is it okay to use 'Dear Madam/Sir' putting Madam ahead?
    Q3. Brits do not use commas, right? As opposed to 'Dear Sir/Madam,'.


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    English - England
    As far as I am concerned, Madame is entirely French.

    Brits do use commas.


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    Do you think that if I call the office, I could I have the name? I'll try it.
    You have nothing to lose by making the call. You could simply say, "I'd like to address a letter to the head of your Human Resources Department. Could you please tell me his or her name and exact title?" (Different companies may call the person "Director", "Manager", or something else.) If the spelling isn't obvious to you, be sure to ask how to spell both the first and last name (spelling the person's name wrong would make a very bad impression!).
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