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So in the IELTS, I heard 31 March,1972 in listening test for an accommodation form.
And as the rule says write ONE WORD AND/OR A NUMBER, so the answer is 31 March. While 1972 is gone.

I wonder if I write March,1972 is correct too. And I also wonder the logic behind. Why if you have to remove one, you remove the year while not the day? Isn't the year more important for the personal data?

It appears to be a silly question but the test strictly follows the stand answer keys. Thank you!
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    The date of birth has three elements: 31 March 1972. If you omit the year, 31 March is the birthday. It would not be correct to use just this on an official form that asked for your date of birth. On the rare occasions when someone used March 1972, it would be called the month of birth, though that could also mean just March. As people don't normally want exactly this information, the ambiguity is not a practical problem.


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    Normally we just say the month and day. We put our DOB on applications and things. We usually don't put month and year unless that is what they ask us to do.

    Examples: When's your birthday? (Month and day response)
    (on application): DOB (month, day and year response).
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