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Hi, please help me to check out whether zirconia beads is filled into the sand mill.

since I'm poor at Chemical, it's difficult to check what does this sentence want to express.

The above material was placed in a batch-type vertical sand mill to fill zirconia beads having a diameter of 0..3mm of 150 parts to the sand mill.
  • Hello, shelley808--what's the context on this question, please? What kind of translation is it, what process is it describing?
    Hello, dg_spain, thank you for your answer, I paste the context as following.

    (Yellow ink)
    (1) Preparation of dispersion liquid
    First, an aqueous solution of styrene/ butylacrylate/acrylic acid copolymer ((copolymer ratio (weight ratio)=30/40/30), acid value of 202, weight-average molecular weight of 6500, and solid content of 10%) was neutralized by potassium hydroxide. The above polymer aqueous solution of 30 parts, pigment [C.I. pigment yellow 74 (product name: Hansa Brilliant Yellow 5GX (made by Clariant Co.))] of 10 parts, and ion-exchanged water of 60 parts were mixed and were mechanically agitated. Next, the above material was placed in a batch-type vertical sand mill (made by Aimex Co.) to fill zirconia beads having a diameter of 0.3mm of 150 parts to the sand mill. Then, the material was subjected to a dispersion processing for 12 hours while being cooled by water. Then, this dispersion liquid was placed in a centrifuge separator to remove large particles. Then, the final prepared matter of yellow pigment dispersion was obtained that had a solid content of about 12.5% by weight, and an average particle diameter of 120nm.
    Thank you for the context, shelley808--sorry I cannot answer the translation question, but perhaps with this post someone else will see it who can answer you. Checking "zirconia bead production" on Google, I see some pages that might help you (because they describe the beads and their uses) but I cannot, sorry! Here are the URLs I see:


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    I understand the sentence to mean that the aqueous solution was placed in the mill in order to fill some zirconia beads.