about grammatical gender, natural gender ?

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    what is the exact meaning (or difference) between both: grammatical gender and natural gender?
    and Does the former equal "لفظي" and the latter "معنوي" in Arabic?
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    Salaamaat ya Sunsett!

    Grammatical gender tells you what kinds of verbs, adjectives and pronouns to use to describe the noun (masculine or feminine)

    Natural gender tells you what the sex of the noun is, i.e., refers to an animal or person (male or female)

    I'm not sure about the terminology, hopefully someone knows.
  3. sunsett New Member

    thank ye :)
    I get that the first is for the word's gender, and the 2d is for the noun's gender, right? if so, it equals the Arabic ones.

    a Q: Does that occur in English?
  4. إسكندراني

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    English has an 'it' so it has no grammatical gender, only natural gender. There are a few minor exceptions.

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