about him having a built-in readership

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Pavel Pin

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Jerry hand over some papers to Ana:

Jerry: Uh, pre-orders for Boyce Fox. Check that out.
Anastasia: 200,000? oh my god.
Jerry: That includes e-books, and marketing hasn't even gotten off the blocks yet. You were right about him having a built-in readership.

What is the meaning of "built-in readership."?
Source: Fifty Shades Freed (2018)
  • PaulQ

    English - England
    Does it mean Boyce Fox habit of regularly read a particular newspaper, magazine, etc?

    The adjective "built-in" in its literal sense refers to "something that is available as a separate item but which is, in this case, an integral part of the larger item.

    A car can have a built-in satellite navigation system - you buy the car and the manufacturer has fitted a satellite navigation system into the dashboard.

    A built-in X in its extended sense thus "which has X as part of it..." -> which always is accompanied by an X.

    A built -in readership is thus a readership that appears to be part of Boyce Fox -> a readership that accompanies/follows Boyce Fox loyally and cannot be separated from him.
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