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  1. jinxnao Senior Member

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    how we succeed in constructing such a sentence in chinese
    he drove his bicycle listening to music..
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    The most common way is to use 一边X一边Y (yi4bian1 X yi4bian1 Y).

    Ta1 yi4bian1 qi2che1, yi4bian1 ting1 yin1yue4.
  3. Staarkali

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    for actively studying that character right now, I believe 着 is most appropriate as well (although the very one that comes to mind first is 一边..一边..)
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    good understand~

    but most chinese say "一边..一边.."; "他听着音乐骑自行车" is a less common way of expression, though it seems to be more exact
  5. jinxnao Senior Member

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    samanthalee I think u you know Chinese well, pls please tell me in Chinese "he walked on the street listening to music "

    I don't know how we say simultaneous actions in a sentence.
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  6. tristen Member

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    ta(1) bian (1) zou (3) lu (4) bian (1) ting (1) yin (1) yue(4)

    To express simultaneous actions, you can use :
    bian(1) action A bian (1) action B
    yi bian (1) action A yi bian (1) action B

    边 ... 边 ...
    一边 ... 一边 ...
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    Hi jinxnao, welcome to WR forums. Everyone here has given you great answers. I have nothing more to add. :)
  8. sqlines Senior Member

    Difference between 一边 verb1 一边 verb2 and verb1着verb2 is that the former emphasizes doing verb1 while also doing verb2 (in some cases you can do it simultaneously, in other cases you'd better not).
    The latter,however, emphasizes how something is done.

    哭着回答(perhaps just had a quarrel with boyfriend)
    笑着回答(perhaps someone just told him a joke)
    老师站着教书(perhaps teacher prefers to stand on his feet in front of the class)
    老是坐着教书(perhaps teacher has an injured foot)

    一边跳舞一边唱歌(no problem doing it simultaneously)
    一边说话一边吃饭 (not recommended simultaneously because you may choke)
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  9. jinxnao Senior Member

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    hi samantha u are WELCOME
  10. jinxnao Senior Member

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    ooh thank you my friend sqlines it was gloriously explanatory you welcome too...

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