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I am almost at the point where I'll have to start deleting previous sheets. I have been, though. In fact, I only have one sheet attached in each of the glossary threads.

I suppose because none of them are the last sheet of the thread, it's alright that I delete them all? (If this is going planned, then all of my work is already saved in the last person's sheet...?)

Any words of advice?
  • Whodunit said:
    As long as you're not the last one in a thread who has the complete spreadsheet as an attachment, you can delete all the previous ones. Where's the problem? ;)
    I dunno, I'm silly. :rolleyes: :D

    Ok then! Will do! :thumbsup:
    This is both unexpected and very good. As we approach our storage limits, we are forced to go back and delete early sheets. So long as we verify that our earlier entries have been included in later versions, this is great. It will prevent others from accidentally downloading and using an 'obsolete' version of a glossary.

    We didn't plan for this, but your common sense is improving the glossary building process.


    I have been deleting my previous sheets, but now I need to upload a big file and the other attachments I have are the latest of the threads in question, and I have no space to upload it. Is there another way to do it? (I've seen foreros with links like "abcd.xls" and it seems that they are doing something different, but I don't know what...).

    Thank you!
    I have exactly three excel files , two are already uploaded and i can't upload the third one, because of the lack of space....
    I am the last for "women's apparel"
    I am not the last for "colour" but the last person posting did not include the previous work of all the others in his excel attachment.
    I would like to post in "human body" but this third file is too big and can't be attached after the two others...
    What do i do, else than hoping that somebody else continues the glossary and attach the excel sheet with my work in it?
    Thank you in advance.
    This forum is really a good idea :) i'm glad i've found it :)