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    Hi my friends;

    What I want to ask you about: In Russian, there are some words that have double "c" as: ру́сский while many words have single "c" in their structure: стул.
    Previously, I was thinking that the double "c"s were used for the double pronunciation of the sound [s], but I guess, there is no difference between the pronunciation of the single "c" and the double "c" 's. Both of them, I think, pronounced as a single [s] sound. Then, the "cc" works for what? Or it is just a thingy that does not depend on any rule and simply, I am supposed to memorize this type?

    Thanks in advance. :)
  2. ahvalj

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    Рус-ск-и-й. When the root ending on -с- meets the suffix beginning on the same consonant, we get this double -сс-. 1000 years ago they were separated by a vowel: рус-ьск-ъ (ь and ъ were vowels then).
  3. ahvalj

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    As to the word Россия, the double с here is artificial, following some Byzantine examples, and was introduced for greater solidity.
  4. Maroseika Moderator

    There are also some words, where double -cc- is pronounced in the root. I think all of them are loaned words: вассал, эссе, римесса, меласса, месса, лассо, etc.
  5. igusarov

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    Moscow, Russia
    This is not always true. Yes, there are cases where double-s is pronounced as single s. But there are a lot of examples where double-s should be pronounced as "long s", otherwise the word would sound wrong. Examples are "ссадина", "рассада", "касса", "ассоциация", "бассейн", etc.

    Another reason is that there are a few words where dropping an "s" would alter the meaning. Those words should also be pronounced with distinctive "long s".
    "судить - ссудить" = "to judge - to lend".
    "колос - колосс" = "an ear (of a plant) - the colossus".
    "вынеся - вынесся" = "having taken out - have run from".
    "садить - ссадить" = "to plant - to eject from some vehicle". Note, "садить" is an illiterate colloquial form.
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  6. Maroseika Moderator

    I think it's worth to mention that these words have different stress, so it is not that easy to mix them up due to the wrong pronciatiuon of с/сс: ко́лос, коло́сс.

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