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First of all,let me say that wordreference is one of the most useful forums on the internet. Now, straight to my question.

What would you say and why:

Let's talk about the Europe School's promotions.
Let's talk about the Europe School promotions.
Let's talk about Europe School's promotions.

It makes sense for me to put a definite article before a name of an organisation. Not quite sure about the possessive 's but all my colleagues claim it just depends on your stylistic approach when writing. What doesn't make sense though is to use zero article. What do you think?
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    It is not merely a matter of personal style, but the inclusion/omission of "the" depends on various circumstances.

    Custom and practice vary and much depends on the specific organization; often, whether the name of the organization begins with an adjective or not may influence things.

    I don't know what "Europe School" is so allow me to use other examples.

    Let's talk about the BBC TV documentary on the UNDP (United Nations Development Programme).

    Some people think BBC factual programmes are informative.

    OXFAM started life as the Oxford Committee for Famine Relief, but nowadays we never say "the OXFAM" (except in cases like "the OXFAM campaign" where "the" is referring to the "campaign".

    Similarly "Buckingham Palace" would never be preceded by "the" except eg "The Buckingham Palace grounds are ...".

    Similarly Interpol is never referred to as "the Interpol" but the European Union, the FBI and the CIA generally do take "the".

    For me personally, I would not see anything wrong with saying "the Harvard Business School" or "Harvard Business School", you may find in practice that there is strong preference or habitual use of one form or the other in relevant contexts.

    Does this help?
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