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As this is my first post, I want to say hello to everibody.

I am stack with the usage of "Look forward...", my doubt concerns whether it will be considered as an hope or as something that it will happen (sooner or later). In other words: its meaning is like "I can't wait..." or "I hope it'll..."
I am writing to propone my work services to other companies, so at the ent of my message I am not sure to write something like:" Look forward to our proposal finding your interest" or "I hope our proposal will find (match) your interest".

Thank you for your help
  • Thomas Tompion

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    Hello Shakkai. It's good to have a question from you.

    In your place, I'd say "I hope our proposal...."

    I look forward is too presumptuous: it's saying, among other things, I know you will find our proposal interesting.

    I look forward to X means I am confident that X will occur and it will give me pleasure. The prospect of its occurring gives me pleasure.

    It can be used ironically, to mean Make sure that X happens or else.

    Strictly speaking you can't look forward to something which isn't going to happen, which is what makes your proposed end to the letter (I look forward etc.) presumptuous.
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