About the spaces between the words...

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안녕하세요? 하치코 예요.
저는이탈리아사람이에요. 처음 뵙겠습니다.

Hello. I am Hachiko
I am Italian. Nice to meet you.

is this right?
and I have to learn to put the proper spaces between the words...
how does it work?

for example:
저는 이탈리아 사람이에요 is this right?

thank you!
  • yonh

    Hello, Hachiko.
    Like many languages, a space is inserted between words: noun, pronoun, prenoun, verb, adverb, etc. But as some word classes like endings or postpositions are not considered as independent words, there is no space before them. Let me correct your second sentence.
    하치코예요. :tick:
    하치코 예요. :cross:

    The rules are quit complex, and even many native Koreans--including me--are not confident of spacing.
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