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Firstly Hello Everybody, I'm pretty new on this forum and quite happy to be so, I'm feeling like I'm doing the best thing to correct my mistakes in English by being here.

And it's been almost 2 years that I have been learning English with my all interest. But there is a point which has been confusing me from the beginning.

I know that you use "the" while you are talking about the things that you are sure other people know about them.

So my questions is that :

Why don't you guyz say "Go to the bed ?" Don't the other person knows the bed ?

Or Why don't you say " I'm going to the school" ( I guess you generally say "I'm going to school" )

And sometimes you say "Lack of the information" but sometimes "The lack of the information"

Sometimes you use the "the" with plural words but sometimes people say it is not true to use it with plural words. Can anybody please help me ? Because I'd like to learn this language in the best way. So you can even be angry with me if it is instructive as you are helping... :). Thanks for instance
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    Welcome to the forum. :)
    Why don't you guys say "Go to the bed?"
    We say "go to bed," because it means retire for the night, not go to a piece of furniture in the bedroom

    Or: Why don't you say "I'm going to the school"? I guess you generally say "I'm going to school."
    Yes, we say the latter, because it means to go to wherever the student spends the day, not a particular building.

    And sometimes you say "lack of the information" but sometimes "the lack of information".
    It depends on the context. "The information" would refer to specific data, while "lack of information" without the article means being generally uninformed about whatever is being discussed.


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    We do sometimes say go to the school, but that is, as Parla has explained, when we are talking about the specific location. But when we're talking more generally about getting an education, we say going to school.

    We very seldom need to talk about the specific piece of furniture known as a "bed," which why going to the bed​ is pretty rare. It's not impossible, it's just not something we need to say very often.
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