about twenty miles south of Martinique


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It's an error recognition exercise in my imaginary exam.
St. Lucia is an island in the Caribbean Sea, forming part of the Windward Island group, situating about twenty miles south of Martinique.
A. is an
B. the Caribbean Sea
C. situating
D. south of

The correct answer is C. situating => situated. How about "south of"? I think it should be "to the south of".
  • Giorgio Spizzi

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    Hullo, kira.

    A pritty strange (multiple-choice?) test, yours. There's no indication of where the blanks (the "lacunae") are, and of the (usually four) options and distractors for each blank.
    "Situating" seems to me to be the only incorrect answer, but maybe I didn't catch the spirit and rationale of the exercise.

    GS :)


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    Giorgio, it's an imaginary exam. I wish I had had more of those, maybe with imaginary pass grades.

    Kira, answer C is correct. "St. Lucia is an island...situated...south of Martinique" is fine. There was only one mistake.

    Giorgio Spizzi

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    Thank you, velisarius, for opening my eyes.
    Good Lord, if I were young I'd certainly be all for "imaginaries". Are they similar to what we call "mock tests", i.e. tests similar to the ones the students will have to sweat on when they sit the ... real McCoy?

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