above and below v. on top and on the bottom

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  1. MotoMama Member

    Does "arriba" and "abajo" mean "above" and "below," or does it mean "on top" and "on the bottom"?

    If "en el bajo" is more specific for "on the bottom," then how would you specify "on top" in Spanish? "Encima" instead of "arriba," or is "arriba" used for both?

    Is "alto" and "bajo" used for "high" and "low"?
  2. bswss Senior Member

    What is it exactly that you are trying to say? There is more than one way to say lots of things. If you are talking about a book being on top of a table, for instance, it would be "sobre" but if my book was on top of your book, it could be "encima de". It just depends.

    Most of your other questions are true, depending on the situation; at least that's my opinion. Let's see what others say....
  3. rodriarano

    rodriarano Senior Member

    Argentina (Spanish)
    :tick: arriba = above
    :tick: abajo = below
    :warn: en el fondo / abajo de todo / al fondo = on the bottom
    :warn: arriba de todo = on the top
    :tick: alto = high
    :tick: bajo = low
  4. deluay

    deluay Senior Member

    TX, USA
    México, Spanish
    In my opinion:
    "arriba, encima, sobre" means "above" and "on top"
    "abajo" means "below" and "on the bottom"
    They are synonyms and you can use them almost for the same situations.

    alto = high, tall
    bajo = low, short
    El volumen esta muy alto = The volume is too high.
    My hermano es alto = My brother is tall.

    Hope it helps!
  5. rodriarano

    rodriarano Senior Member

    Argentina (Spanish)
    Very important difference!

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