abrasion/abraded drum

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West Coast

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I would like to know the meaning of "abraded drum".

I am currently subtitling an American drama series.
A girl has put a Q-tip deep down her ear, goes to the doctor, who says that there is too much blood in the ear, he can't really see anything.

The doctor then says:

I’d say it’s an abrasion.
An abraded drum.

Am I right to assume that this is NOT the same as a perforated eardrum,
and that the girl's eardrum is simply hurt/injured, but NOT perforated?

Hope somebody can confirm this.

Best regards
West Coast
  • Andygc

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    British English
    You are correct, it's not the same. I'm hugely impressed at his ability to make the diagnosis when unable to see the eardrum.
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