1. kinai Senior Member

    Spain Spanish
    How could I translate "abrazar contra"? hold/embrace/hug against?

    For example:
    Lily no respondió, simplemente se acercó a su hijo y, antes que este pudiera reaccionar y alejarse, lo abrazó contra su cuerpo.

    Lily did not respond, just walked over to her son and, before he could react and move away, held/embraced/huged him against her body.


  2. Sprachliebhaber Senior Member

    USA English
    I would say "hugged him to her" ("hugged him to her body" is understood).
  3. colombo-aussie

    colombo-aussie Senior Member

    Spanish - Colombian
    Hugged him against her body
  4. kinai Senior Member

    Spain Spanish
    Thanks both of you.


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