1. inquirer Member

    English - USA
    In the phrase 'TE MANDA UN ABRAZOTE MUY FUERTE' what is the meaning of the word: abrazote?
    and the full meaning of the phrase?
  2. Yuribear

    Yuribear Senior Member

    Español, Mex-USA
    A big hug!

    He/she sends you a big hug
  3. Gargoyle Senior Member

    i "send" you a very strong big embrace ...

    this is the meaning but i do not know if i have written the words in the correct order
  4. aurilla Senior Member

    Puerto Rico
    Am Eng/PR Spanish
    Abrazote is a bear hug.
  5. inquirer Member

    English - USA
    Thanks ........
    the two (2) different posts agree; I am satisfied that I have been given the correct meaning.

    And, Gargoyle, your words are placed in correct order!

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