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Hi, please look at the following survey question I've just made up:

Q. How many times have you traveled abroad?
Q. How many times have you traveled outside the U.S.?

If you live in the states (except Hawaii and Alaska) and have traveled to Hawaii or Alaska, or Canada or Mexico (which are not part of the U.S. but not quite abroad?), would you exclude those trips from your answer?
  • FreeToyInside

    American English
    For people in the US, traveling abroad means leaving the fifty states. Canada and Mexico are abroad, Hawaii and Alaska are not.


    Modwoman in the attic
    English - United States
    Trips from the continental U.S. to Alaska and Hawaii are not travel outside the U.S. (or "abroad"), and I can't imagine any AE speaker treating them as such. Trips to Canada and Mexico are. If the only trip I'd made outside the U.S. was to drive across the Gordie Howe Bridge from Detroit to Windsor, though, I'd feel pretty silly claiming to have "traveled abroad." But, technically, it would be true.

    Conversely, if I'd been to the U.S.-held territories of Guam or American Samoa, I might mention it when someone asked me about traveling abroad. As a nit-picker, though, I'd point out that (if I'd had a direct flight) I hadn't technically left the U.S.
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