absence--ausencia / falta / inasistencia

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  1. tyrex Senior Member

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    Which is correct to use for absence in a school context? Inasistencia, falta, or ausencia?

    Students are permitted 12 absences per year.

    I seem to remember seeing inasistencia on school transcripts from Mexico, but WR doesn't include inasistencia. I also seem to remember falta being slightly different to Mexican students.
  2. jacinta Senior Member

    USA English
    Our school district uses "ausencias".
  3. cavecanem New Member

    Hi tyrex.

    At my university in Spain, we say falta for absence in the context that you've mentioned. I guess that's the correct translation.
  4. Milton Sand

    Milton Sand Senior Member

    Bucaramanga, Colombia
    Español (Colombia)
    And, here in Colombia, you might have to repeat the entire academic subject because of accumulation of "inasistencias".
  5. Milton Sand

    Milton Sand Senior Member

    Bucaramanga, Colombia
    Español (Colombia)
    Well, in order to be accurate, I'd choose "inasistencias", which has the sense of not to have gone to a place (the clasroom), while "falta" may be interpreted as a fault and "ausencia" simply refers to not to be present: you may attend school but, due to any reason, not to be present in class.
  6. Aserolf

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    Colorado, USA
    En México se dice comúnemente FALTAS, pero en la Boleta de Calificaciones (Report Card) viene marcado como INASISTENCIAS. Nunca se menciona ausencias.

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