absence of unauthorised access / absence of theft

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Hi, Wordreference members.

I try to figure out the responsbilities and duties of a security man who would like to work for a company written in an application sheet.

there are written Possible Goals, Targets & Standards. Under it are written :
1. Absence of Unathorized access to premises(that a security man has to keep any person off the company premises?)
2. Absence of theft from company premises(that a security man has to be attentivel and protect the compnay from being broken in?)
Could someone explain to me the meaning of No. 1and 2?

The puzzled, lark-lover.
  • eyeofhorus

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    First, this is not natural English. It probably means that it is the duty of the security guard:
    1. To prevent unauthorized access to company premises...
    2. To prevent theft/burglary of company property


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    Hello Lark-lover,
    These job briefings sound odd to me. Specifically, I don't think a native English speaker would use the word "absence" in this context. It does make sense, though. These are labelled as "goals/targets"; in other words, the security guard is expected to try to make these things true. "Absence of" means that there isn't any of something. "Absence of unauthorised access" sounds very odd to me, but it tells us, like you say, that the security guard is expected to make sure that there is no unauthorised access to the premises - in other words, that he has to make sure nobody gets in without permission. 2. sounds even more odd, but again your suggestion is correct! I can see why you're puzzled.
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