absolute construction [with ... being the focus]

Since China entered into WTO, Shanghai has been speeding up the opening of its Financial Services to the outside world, with the impact on the insurance industry and its corresponding strategy being the focus.

I use the underlined part to mean that people have been paying attention to the impact WTO brings about on the insurance industry and the steps that people of this line take to deal with it.
Is the underlined part used correct?

Many many thanks in advance.

  • bibliolept

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    A question: Who is paying attention here, the public, businesses, or financial institutions?

    "..., with attention centered on the insurance industry and on strategies that take these changes into account."


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    I'm not sure what you mean by "its corresponding strategy...". Do you mean the insurance industry's strategy or Shanghai's strategy or the WTO's strategy? I'm also not sure whose "focus" you're referring to...
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