absolutely and free of all taxes and duties payable by reason of my death

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    Existe-t-il une traduction particulière en droit français pour cette formule qu'on trouve dans les testaments rédigés en anglais?
    ... absolutely and free of all taxes and duties payable by reason of my death.
    Ou peut-on traduire simplement par ... dans son intégralité et libre de tous droits de succession payables suite à ma mort?

    Merci d'avance
  2. christelleny

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    I would say: libre de frais de succession et de frais de déliverance [payables à mon décès].

    Note: "payables à mon décès/ma mort" is implied, so I wouldn't include it.

    But I'm not a legal translator...
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    Ir's not clear (to me, at least) what 'absolutely' refers to. Can you give us the full sentence?
  4. bh7 Senior Member

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    "...to hold absolutely ..." : refers here to an absolute estate
    Definition: "An absolute estate is an estate that confers an absolute right to property and which is not subject to limitations, restrictions, or conditions. It is a full and complete estate that cannot be defeated." (Source: a US law dictionary)
    The opposite of absolute estate would be a limited estate (e.g. just being entitled to the usufruct derived from devised property).

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