absolutely fantastic

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  • MsSparrow

    English (Australian, British)
    Either one you could use as they both convey the film's brilliance and your excitement. I have heard someone say "fantastically amazing!"


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    The two terms are almost synonymous. I would view 'amazing' as more emphatic than 'fantastic': if I was to say it was 'absolutely fantastic' I would mean that it was extremely good; if I said 'absolutely amazing', I would not only be saying it was good, I would be stressing that I was taken aback by how good it was or utterly perplexed as to how it was created.

    You can use both, I would reserve 'amazing' for something exceptional, but this is just my personal take.

    If I heard 'fantastically amazing' I would assume I was talking to someone with a limited vocabulary or prone to exaggeration.
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