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Hello, in a letter concerning their coaching programs I received from the Argyll Fenton Agency (http://www.argyll-fenton.co.uk/), there is a paragraph reading

Whilst the strength of mentoring lies in the mentor's specific knowledge and wisdom, in coaching it lies in the facilitation and development of personal qualities. The coach brings different skills and experience and offers a fresh perspective - a different viewpoint. In both cases one-to-one attention is the key. 'It has to do with focused and intensive development absolutely grounded in the business in a way that even an in-house, tailored training programme often can't deliver', says Marion Gillie. 'You can, in a one-to-one, focus on intra-personal issues to a far deeper level than in group environments which can only look at the superficial'.

I know that it is not that important to understand every single word (idea), especially when there is so much "hot air"; nevertheless, I would like to make sure that I have undertood what Ms Gillie meant by "...development absolutely grounded in business". Perfectly established in business? (not that it makes me any wiser)
Thank you for your ideas.
  • Biffo

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    My interpretation is that the business should be a firm foundation (metaphorically) on which development is built. As you say there is a lot of hot air.

    Does that help?

    Beryl from Northallerton

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    I'd say it means that the 'mentoring' must be done in a way which takes account of the employee's sphere of employment, their actual job, and that it not simply be generic coaching. (CP'd)
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