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I am reading a book about addictions and i have found out this: "We would engage in one of our favorite behaviors, such as cruising the internet, only to find that we didn't stop when we said we would. Sometime we didn't stop until we absolutely had to."

I do not understand what means "sometime we didn't stop until we absolutely had to". Is ok this sentence?

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    It's correct. It means "Sometimes we didn't stop until we absolutely had to stop" (but there's no need to repeat the word "stop"), "Sometimes we didn't stop until it was impossible to continue."

    Note: "Is ok this sentence?":cross:
    "Is this sentence ok?":tick:
    And vocal stress is put on "had" when we don't state the second already understood "stop."

    "...we didn't stop until we absolutely HAD to." (boldface/caps to indicate emphatic vocal stress)

    I don't boldface words in posts unless I feel I HAVE to.:) ( boldface words in posts.):D

    idiom: to have to do something = be obligated by others or by one's personal feeling/conscience to perform the action in question.
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