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1: Do you like men who are kind of controlling?

- Could I use these answers for this question?

"Hell no!" "Hell yeah!" "No fricking way!" "Absolutely!"

Thanks very much!
  • dembonz

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    The answer depends a lot on the context. If you're talking with close friends and the topic comes up, sure, any of these would be fine. But if you were in a more formal situation, like on a job interview (for example) you would probably want to avoid most of these phrases, especially the first two, because they include "hell." "Absolutely" can be used, especially if followed up with more detail. Really, it depends on what the context is.


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    Ahem ... I'd extend that to 'the first three', Dembonz ~ as the third contains a very thinly-disguised version of :eek:fucking.


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    Given your reaction, I'd guess it's largely regional. Here in the States you can get away with it; they practically say it on kids' shows! Not quite, but it's not treated at all obscenely. I know its etymology, but "fricking" has the severity of "heck", at least in the US. If anything, it's somewhat antiquated.
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