absolve you and continue along the path of righteousness


Bruce, who now has God's superpowers, comes across the street gang who beat him up some time ago.
-- Surely I say unto you dudes, I do not wish to fight. So as soon as you apologize and make a full reckoning of your transgressions, I shall absolve you and continue along the path of righteousness.
Bruce Almighty, movie

Does he mean "I shall absolve you and (I shall) continue along the path of righteousness"?
  • Edinburgher

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    That's what I thought you thought. But no, if we wanted it to mean that, we would have to insert "and then you can".
    Also, in context, it would be (at least somewhat) illogical. Those dudes are sinners, and after absolution they cannot continue on the path of righteousness, because they were not already on it. They could at best start on that path.
    Bruce, on the other hand, in his God-like persona, was already on that path and so can continue on it.