Absolver y articular posiciones

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Mexican Spanish
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In spanish, the expression "absolver y articular posiciones" is solemn legal terminology used in connection with judicial confession.

Whenever one of the two parties (whether plaintiff or defendant) in a Roman-French system court appears in court to answer questions related to his own actions in connection with the subject matter of the trial, the person appearing is known as absolvente ("absolvent", because he is confessing; being absolved), and the person who presents the evidence and asks him the questions is known as articulante because he articulates the questions. The questions are called posiciones, or positions.

Is there an equivalent legal terminology? This text typically appears in certain kinds of powers of attorney.
  • saromedina

    Mexico - Español
    Right!. I have heard those terms used very frequently Here in Texas. However I have heard the term "Interrogatories" by itself for "Articulación de Posiciones" and the "Answer to Interrogatories" for "Absolución de Posiciones"

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