abstract new schools of painting

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Hello. Could you help me with understanding the phrase below?
I'm interested in "abstract new schools of painting".
Does it mean new schools of abstract painting? Or new previously unknown schools of painting? How do you understand the whole phrase?
Thank you.

[[ Excess quoted text removed by moderator. ]] Later, no one will even be able to agree what _kind_ of bird it is. Some see a storm of bright feathers, others only the graceful motion of its wings. Little more than a sense of easy, invincible speed remains. A dozen minds conceive abstract new schools of painting to capture the moment.

It's from here "The Thunderer" by F. Gilman
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    Does it mean new schools of abstract painting?
    It should mean roughly the same thing. If we have "abstract schools of new painting", some schools of new painting are "abstract." This should mean that the people in these schools paint abstractly.
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    Although the intended meaning is apparent, it's poor writing. It's the painting that's abstract, not the schools. It's hard to imagine what an abstract new school would look like - most modern buildings are concrete. :D

    "A dozen minds conceive new schools of abstract painting to capture the moment."
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