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In general, uncountable nouns include concrete mass nouns (liquids, gases, solid substances), various abstract notions, names of scientific subjects and fields of study, names of languages, names of sports and games, names of various activities, names of natural phenomena. The list below contains some commonly used uncountable nouns.
Useful English: Articles: Uncountable Nouns
What is the meaning of "abstract notions" in the context?
Is "abstract" an adjective modifying "notion"?
I would appreciate a detailed answer.
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    Yes: grammatically, "abstract" is an adjective modifying "notion".

    If you scroll down a little further on the page in the link you've given us, there's a section headed "Various abstract notions" with a couple of dozen examples of what the term covers. :)


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    Thanks. I saw the examples given but still confused by the terminology. I would really appreciate if someone could explain the "abstract notion".
    Are both "idea" and "notion" exactly the same thing as they both have multiple meanings!
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