Abuse drugs

  • afencha

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    Can it be like drug addiction? ["Yet, there are side effects [for taking a specific mediacation] (e.g., headache, stomach upset, weight loss, sleep problems, risk of abuse) that make the intervention unacceptable to many parents."]

    Keith Bradford

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    I think there's an important distinction.

    Use = take occasionally.
    Abuse = take frequently, and at times take to excess.
    Be addicted to = take constantly without the power to stop.

    However, that's a grammarian's answer, not a doctor's.


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    I agree with Keith as to common use. In the manual that psychologists use for mental disorders, there used to be a distinction between substance abuse (use creating problems at work, legal problems, etc.) and dependence, which most of us would call addiction (diminished effects requiring greater amounts of the drug to achieve the same effect). They don't use the term "dependence" any more, though; they say "use disorder" and classify the severity.
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