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Do the highlighted "abuse"s in the context below mean "sexual abuse (like rape)" or "any kind of abuse"? Specially, the "human abuse" is very ambiguous to me.

They also have clear thematic counterparts in contemporary art that similarly reference sex, sexuality, abuse and disease. One AIDS-related advertisement shows the inscription ‘HIV-positive’ as a tattoo on the skin close to those parts of the body that are the conduits of infection, the inner arm, the pubic area and the buttocks. Here, there is a vivid association to be made with the tattooing of numbers on the forearms of concentration-camp victims that has now become a potent signifier of human abuse. A similar device was employed, with a similar message of abuse and dehumanisation, by Jenny Holzer in her Lustmord (‘sex murder’) series (1993). In this case, the inscription on the skin refers to the violent abuses towomen in the war in Bosnia told from three points of view: the victim’s, the perpetrator’s and observer’s(Art and Advertising by Joan Gibbons).
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    No. The first refers to sexual abuse, the other two to the atrocities of WWII and in particular the Holocaust.
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