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The domestic violence advocate asked the shelter resident for a description of her abuser.
In English abuser is broad enough to apply to any person who was battering the victim- a husband, a boyfriend or even another woman in the case of a same-sex romantic relationship. I'm not sure of the Spanish verb I should modify since the abuse isn't physical in all cases. Maltratador sounds awkward, but is that the best I can do?
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    jstrong05 said:
    Maltratador sounds awkward, but is that the best I can do?
    That's the word I've been seeing in recent issues of the weekly magazine El País Semanal. But best wait for the opinion of the native Spanish speakers.

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    Well, in México we say abusador. Its connotation is basically sexual, but it does include physical and emotional abuse as well.

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    Well, in México we say abusador.
    También en Argentina. Si hacemos un poco más extensivo el término podemos hablar de "acosador", o, en todos los casos, de "victimario". Se habla mucho actualmente del "acoso moral".


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    In Spain, as Garryknight said, the word we use is "maltratador" ("maltratos" can be psychologycal as well as physical).
    If you're looking for the word used in Spain, "maltratador" is the right one.
    If not, Rayines and I love translating have suggested "abusador".
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