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I'm trying to translate this sentence from the Financial Times Law Reports, but I don't know what is "AC". Could it stand for Appeal Court? (I have always heard Court of Appeal, but who knows). Could anybody help me?

"In Dunlop/1915] AC 79,102 Lord Parmoor said that if the agreed sum applied equally to stipulations of varying importance and was a penalty in respect of any of them, it was a penalty for the purpose of the whole contract"
My try:
En (el caso) Dunlop /1915] AC 79,102 El magistrado Parmoor manifestó que si una cantidad acordada era aplicable a condiciones de diversa importancia y respecto de alguna de ellas constituía una penalización, entonces era una cláusula de penalización a efectos del contrato completo.
Thanks in advance
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    AC means 'Appeals Case(s)'. It's an acronym used by some English countries.
    Have a look at

    BTW: The text was used by Enrique Alcaraz Varó in his book "El inglés jurídico: textos y documentos", page 107, 6th edition.
    Thanks for your help and thanks for the clarification about the origin of the text. Since it was a simple sentence and it was from Financial Times, I didn't find necessary nor relevant to mention the author of the book. But now that you have mentioned, I must say you are right.
    BTW A very useful book to learn English for Law.


    If you are translating a text, whether from the Times or elsewhere, and it contains a legal citation, I think you should include the citation, which will be useful to anybody who wants to consult the source. If you think an abbreviation will confuse the reader, you can always spell out the rest of the word in brackets 18 U[nited] S[taters] C[ode] Sec. 1983, etc. I am not familiar with British forms of citation, but if AC means "appellate case," you could use "A[ppellate] C[ase]" in the translation. Incidentally, in common-law countries, where case law has nearly the force of statutory law, citations can mean the difference between a useful translation and a useless one!
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