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    There is an Arabic name (colloquial I think) for the acacia tree, that sounds like "sayala" or "seyala".

    What is the correct word? In which dialects (or MSA) it's used, and specifically - does it exist in Levantine and/or Maghrebi?

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    In standard Arabic I believe the Acacia is called الســَلــَم. I'm not sure about different colloquial words for it.
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    This one I don't know! But according to this site, the acacia tree in Jordan is called السَنْط ( Acacia tortilis ).

    الســَلــَم is one of a number of varieties of acacia trees. It seems that MSA uses all of these:

    الطَلْح , الســَلــَم,السَنْط , الأَكاسيا, الأَقَاقِيَا, القَرَظ and the enchanting أُمّ غَيْلاَن!

    Acacia arabica = الطلح العربي
    Acacia senegal = الأكاسيا السنغالية / الأَقَاقِيَا
    Wild Acacia gummifera = أُمّ غَيْلاَن = الأَقَاقِيَا البَرِّيّ = السَنْط البَرِّيّ

    BTW, طَلْحة is a proper name for boys.
  4. origumi Senior Member

    Thanks clevermizo, faylasoof.

    After some more research - this is a specific kind of acacia known sometimes as umbrella thorn, whose scientific name is acacia tortillis with several sub-species, the relevant are acacia tortillis tortillis and acacia tortillis raddiana. There's also acacia seyal, a different species.

    In most Arabic dialects acacia tortillis in known as seyal. In Egypt and Sudan the names sayal and samor / samur are in use. Other Arabic words for this tree are talh / taleh and hares. In places where acacia tortillis are abundant, the names are distinctive:

    * taleh = acacia seyal
    * sayal = acacia tortillis raddiana
    * samur = acacia tortillis tortills

    Other arabic names refer to different acacia species, among them salam, kitr, sunt, laoot, hashab, haraz, umm surrog.
  5. Wadi Hanifa

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    The one that looks like an umbrella is السمر (samar).

    سَلَمة is also a male proper name.

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