academic & politic vs academical & political

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Ludwig Lukasiewicz

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How does word like academic & politic different from its -al form like academical & political? <-----Topic added to post by moderator (Florentia52)----->

There are many two-words corresponding to each other by this way. If we only talk about adjective, what is the difference of meaning of the two corresponding groups? Are there any rule about that?
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  • Florentia52

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    If "academical" is a word, it's not in general use, and "politic" as an adjective has a very different meaning from "political."

    There are other words about which you might more reasonably ask this question, such as "economic" and "economical." If you have a question about such a pair of words, please give us a sentence using one of them so we have a specific example to discuss.
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