acceleratore con guaina


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Can someone tell me how to translate acceleratore con guaina? It is a spare part of a 1996 Jaguar.Thanks
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  • hello/salve. sto cercando un "acceleratore con guaina" per una jaguar xj6 (400 cl.) del 1996. Il mio meccanico dice che NON conosce il termine in inglese e quindi non può cercare un ricambio in inghilterra. mi aiutate per favore? grazie, liana
    Elfa, I had to assume we are. That's the only part of a throttle that comes with a sheath.
    Obviously, being given piecemeal information puts the burden on us. :confused:

    Liana should look it up in a Jaguar parts sheet on the Internet.
    bless you all for your timely help. I will try Throttle cable with sheath on the internet. and if we put the jaguar back on the road i shall post the event! liana