Accendere un conto corrente

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    How would you translate the Italian expression 'Accendere un conto corrente'?
    Here's some context:

    '...assegno emesso per l'importo di Euro 62.500,00 sul conto corrente acceso presso l'istituto di credito xxx'

    My attempt: '... cheque that had been made out for the amount of Euros 62.500,00 to the current account open at the lending society xxx'

    Does is sound right?

    Thanks :)
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    If you use "the amount of X..." you have to use "to" as a preposition. However, more simply, you might say

    cheque made out for 62,500,00 euros...

    Depending on context, I would leave out translating "emesso" - we don't tend to say "open" in English when referring to bank accounts. However, for "accendere un conto corrente", we do say "to open a bank/current account"
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    Thanks Elfa, this is very useful!

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