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In one episode of season 1 of TV series Friends, Joey met his ex-girlfriend made a compliment like "your dress looks good" and the woman replied with:

"that's because I'm wearing dress that accents my boobs"(Imgur)

Can the word accent here be replaced by highlight/emphasize? If so, any differences?
  • Randisi.

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    Yes, any of those words would work fine in this situation with no real difference in meaning.

    More casually, you could say "show off".
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    "that's because I'm wearing dress that accents my boobs"
    She says "accents" but the correct word is "accentuates". The word "accent" is an acceptable word for "accentuate". In the WR dictionary, one of the meanings listed for "accent" is "accentuate".

    OP's two other suggestions are also acceptable. There is no noticeable difference in meaning.
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