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There appears to be two patterns for accent of 'refer'.
One is to stress on the first syllable, And the other one stress on second syllable.
I'd consider it a great favor if someone tells me which they stress on.
And I have a further question on this matter.
If someone puts stress on second syllable, do they also stress on second ones with 'referring', 'refference' and so on.
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    As far as I know, if you use the verb refer, the stress is always on the second syllable. (I think I have occasionally heard Indian English speakers stress the first syllable, but I would consider that pronunciation to belong to the less confident speakers of Indian English.) The stressed doesn't change if you add -ing so referring is stressed on the second syllable. (This is the reason <r> is double. The doubling generally only occurs when the syllable is stressed.)

    Reference is different and gets first-syllable stress. When you add derivational inflections (usually affixes that change the word class, say from a verb to a noun; and affixes that change the meaning of the word), the stressed syllable might change. Compare this with: PHOtograph, phoTOGraphy, photoGENic.
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    I'm sorry for my slow reply, and thank you very much for your response.
    It was astonishing that the double spelling generally only occurs when its syllable os stressed!