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    Anyone using an Android device has potentially a very efficient way to add accents without switching keyboards or engaging in finger contortions/multiple keystrokes to get that "grave" or "cedilla".
    There is a very powerful product called SwiftKey which, admittedly, you must buy for $3.99 (or less depending on whether they are running a promotion).
    I usually type in english but 10-20% I do so in French. As long as you have selected French as your secondary language, after a word or two it realises you are now working in French and its autocorrection and prediction are IMO without equal. Meaning that it has the correctly accented French word to suggest to you, or to autocorrect from yours that doesn't have the accents.
    I have not typed any French accents since starting with SwiftKey - because it's always inserted them.
    It's almost like magic!
    Perhaps this note is worth adding to the "sticky" note on adding accents?

    PS I have no affiliation whatsoever with SwiftKey - other than being a very satisfied customer.
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    I agree. Let me just say that it generally serves as a good alternative to the default Anroid keybord. I am far more comfortable with typing on KeySwitch. It's just quicker and more convenient.

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