accept and be tolerant of other ethnic groups

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english- ireland

I really need this sentence translated urgently but my mind has gone blank on how to do it...

How can a country that is already so diverse and segregated accept and be tolerant of other ethnic groups?

I would be really grateful for any suggested translations of this?

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    Hello, Linsey, and welcome to the forum.

    Please tell us which part of this sentence is giving you problems. Also, it would be nice if you showed us your attempt at a translation.

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    Linsey A

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    english- ireland
    My attempt

    Cómo es que un país que ya es tan diverso y segregado acepta y ser tolerante de otras etnias?

    I think that my problem is that I'm trying to translate directly from english to spanish and can't think of a way to change it to make it sound typically spanish


    Cele K

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    Hey Linsey
    Just like you said, your translation kind of "smells like English"...
    Remember that in Spanish it is not correct to use "hanging prepositions", that is, because tolerant is followed by "of" and accept is not, you should not write both words right before the direct object "other ethnic groups", so you need to rephrase it.

    Here´s my attempt, see if it sounds more Spanish for you:
    ¿Cómo podría un país que ya es tan diverso y segregado aceptar otras etnias y ser tolerante con ellas/ y tenerles tolerancia?

    Note I changed your translatio for "can". This really depends on the context, I am not sure what the sense underlying can is in your sentence.... Out of context as the sentence is, I think the can there means "how can a country be expected to.... how could", meaning IT IS NOT POSSIBLE FOR THE COUNTRY... IF that is the case, then "cómo es que" does not convey that meaning but the opposite, meaning "the country is able to accept and be tolerant...."

    Hope it helps!
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