accept any man's person

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Mulder and Scully are visiting some sect settlement and now having a meal. They want members of the sect to help them to identify a murderer who's committed a murder in D.C. and who's presumably comes from this settlement. One member gets angry at hearing that. Then another woman gets up from the table, tells him to stand too, and says:
-- Before we can accept any man's person, we must accept our own. And I ask who can stand in your sight when once you are angry? I am ashamed to lift up my face and I shall not be ashamed in this evil time. Make atonements for this wrath, Brother Wilton.
The X-Files, TV series

What does "person" mean here? I found in RHU this: "14. be one's own person, to be free from restrictions, control, or dictatorial influence: Now that she's working, she feels that she's her own person." But it doesn't fit the context I believe.
  • VicNicSor

    It could mean "body" in that case : the presence of someone.
    Sorry, then, "we must accept our own body"?
    She's talking about being angry. I read it as "before criticising someone, we must be righteous ourselves."
    Hence, I believe "person" here may mean "5. the actual self or individual personality of a human being: You ought not to generalize, but to consider the person you are dealing with".
    What do you think?
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