Accept my soul into thine embrace

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Well, here's my problem :
In a video game, a carracter says that :
"Thy power floweth purely, ever unwavering.
Accept my soul into thine embrace.
I can not understand because I think there are some words that are cut,
like "Thy" (that meens "They", I guess) and "thine"

Here's what I think about the translation :
"Votre pouvoir flotte, pur et inébranlable.
Prennez mon âme dans votre étreinte.
Sacrifice !"
But I think I'm wrong...
A little precision : "Sacrifice" is the name of the spell that the carracter is casting.

I hope that my thread is correct and that I've not made lot of mistakes.
Thanks :]
  • archijacq

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    thy, thine, thee,...sont des formes poétiques
    thy = your
    thine = your (la forme "thine" est utilisée devant un mot qui commence par une voyelle ou un "h" muet)


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    Thy and thine are the possessive adjectives belonging to the tutoiement that disappeared in spoken English during the course of the 17th century but strangely enough, even today, one can "tutoie" God although in French we "vouvoie" Dieu.
    As for flotter, it lacks the almost electrical or eternal power of flow. So, how about;
    "Votre pouvoir est éternel, pur et inébranable".


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    Oooh okay, I understand now. I was wondering what could mean this "Thine" (Sorry, I did not want to say "they" but "their" in my precedent post, when I was translating "Thy" (Otherwise it has no sens ^^'))
    Thanks to both of you for the explanations \ô/
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