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Hi guys. Now I'm studying the modality of English.

To you, English native speakers, do these sentences seem acceptable or not? Are adverbs that express positive evaluation, like "fortunately" compatible with the auxiliary "will"?

Fortunately, next year will be a good one.

Luckily, you will succeed.

Are these sentences natural? Will these be better if "will" is not used.

Thank you.
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    In terms of grammar, they're perfectly fine. I actually don't understand what alternative to will you have in mind.
    The only odd thing about the sentence is the certainty with which you predict the future...

    Next year will be a good one. This you know for sure, and you add the disjunct fortunately to share how you feel about it.


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    Those sentences seem quite odd to me, unless they're being spoken by a palm-reader or someone looking into a crystal ball; if so, I guess they're fine.

    We who aren't fortune tellers would normally say:
    Hopefully, next year will be a good one.
    We'll be fortunate if next year is a good one.
    If you're lucky, you'll succeed.
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