Accepter au profit du bien acquis toute servitude de passage...etc


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this is a legal document pertaining to the purchase of a property.
I have trouble with the sentence below:

ACCEPTER au profit du bien acquis toute servitude de passage à constituer sur le bien cadastré n° 626 de la section A d’une contenance de 5a 00ca, appartenant à la venderesse

I have translated:

TO ACCEPT for the benefit of the acquired property, all right of passage to be exercised on the registered property # 626 of the section A , a capacity of of 5a00ca, belonging to the seller.

Is this acceptable?
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    Thank you very much for your input.

    I am aware of the English word easement but in South Africa they use the word servitude quite easily and they seem to understand this term better, that's why I left it as such.
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