Accesorios para el hogar

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  1. Antartic Senior Member


    ¿Como traducirian: Accesorios para el hogar?

    Cuando hablamos de mobiliario, electrodomesticos, articulos para el hogar. ¿Está bien usar home accesories?

  2. mardanaz Senior Member

    Argentina - Spanish
    Creo que home appliances es mejor...
  3. gotitadeleche Senior Member

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    U.S.A. English
    Home appliances usually refer to refrigerators, stoves, electric dishwashers, washing machines, clothes dryers, etc. Home accessories generally does not include the appliances. Home furnishings is a general term for appliances and movable accessories, I can't think of one that would include built-in cabinets. If by mobiliario you are including built-ins, you might say home furnishings and cabinetry.:confused:
  4. Antartic Senior Member

    So, what would be the concept/meaning of home accesories? What kind of things does this involve?

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